Panty Flash Teacher ep.2

Recently appointed teacher Makhiko Natsukoya is trying to rape in the tram her future students because of her deceitful bikini, which hardly anyone can resist. The students begin to plan how to force the teacher to make love to them. They take pictures of it everywhere, even in the toilet! The teacher is in great trouble when one of her students receives blackmail material !!! Now she is forced to participate in sexual orgies with pupils at school !!! Not only this, but in her class full of sadists, nymphomaniacs, a sexually perverted cretin, a girl with a very big secret hidden under her skirt, and a mysterious network of spy cameras that make her activities publicly available. The principal is unable to protect her from the dirty views of the students ...

Tags: series: panchira teacher, group sex, oral sex, big tits, anal sex, female teachers, drama, school, studio: kitty media, studio: at-2 project, studio: discovery

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