Kyonyuu Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi Saimin ep. 2

Hero who grew up in the motherless family does not know the mother is to effort while lonely home environment, to enroll in school is prestigious. That has been rampant old scholastic principle is at the school, because the academic evaluation of students lead to evaluation of teachers, teacher had dealt strictly inevitably student. Hero's own way of academic achievement, but average when compared with students of excellent class to which it belongs below. Of class teachers Tsukishima Kyoko, especially strict in such hero, come repeatedly candid advice to the everyday life attitude not only a result of the achievement test. Hero suffering from torn between hard and study strict guidance. But, there was such he also salvation. It, the presence of which is a by-teacher Shirakawa Miwa. Understand the hero of circumstances, always maternal and gentle woman who cares.

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